2015: Week 9: FAKE BAKE: Aldi Crusty White Bread Rolls


Baking bread is nice. It’s nice, and lovely, and fairly straightforward, and time consuming, and this little packet of joy is an absolute godsend. it’s literally a case of mix with some water to form a dough…


…Rest for a few minutes, and either load into a loaf time, or break apart and roll into roll shapes. It suggests 15, but I like my rolls big, so I only made 7. In hindsight, the 7 turned out like giant-hulk-rolls, and next time I’ll probably aim for 10…


… Then leave them prove for 40 minutes in a warm place (I put them on top of the oven while it was preheating, and it seemed to work pretty well) – then bake for 15 minutes. It’s that simple!

SAM_1379 SAM_1381

Where’s the 7th you’re wondering? Well. They were ready just in time for lunch…



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