2015: Week 8: Easy Peasy Raspberry Macarons


Macarons have a rep for being one of the hardest things to make. Based on the recipe I used, I don’t think that’s necessarily the case – they were surprisingly easy to make!

I chose to use the easiest one I could find, from About Food. Pretty much all the other ones involved dangerous-sounding molten sugar. I’m terrified of burning myself on the oven as it is, I like to limit the options I have to hurt myself.


I had to whip egg whites into peaks! For the first time, ever! I held it over my head and everything… I think it looks delicious all moussey and shiny like that.


I had my concerns before I put them in the oven, the raw mix didn’t look smooth and didn’t settle.


When they came out I though “oh god. I’ve ruined them.” Cracked, uneven colour, some had just caught on the edges… But they actually tasted AMAZING. Crispy on top, chewy in the middle, and filled with vanilla butter cream and raspberry jam. Just goes to show that presentation isn’t everything.


Again, not the prettiest, but damn tasty! If anyone has any foolproof Macaron recipe’s I am very excited to hear them!


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