2015: Week 7: Turkish Flat(ish) Breads

Current mindset: I have made James Morton’s Basic White Bread. I am therefore a baker and will attempt to bake all of the bread I come across.

On this particular day we were having friends over for a game night, and my fiance was cooking up a Mexican feast. I wanted to make something that would compliment it, and these seemed just the ticket.

flatbread 1It’s a very strange process in that you mix up a bread dough, leave it rise for only 40 minutes, then smush, and rest for 20 minutes, and seperate and leave for a further 20 minutes and then you fry it. Not bake it. Fry it. For a couple of minutes each side. and that’s it – done!

Unfortunately, my frying pan is ruined though. Scorched on oil stains are difficult to remove. Being a grown up is such hard work.

flatbread 2I got the recipe from this book I bought from The Works called Love Food – Baking Made Simple (I cant find a link to it), and looking at the google images of Turkish Flatbreads I don’t think I rolled it out thin or big enough – it kind of tasted like the baby of a naan and a pitta.

I can’t recommend them enough, they are amazingly tasty, and so impressive to serve up with a cocky “and here’s something I knocked up earlier” for very little work!


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