2015: Week 6: James Morton’s Bread

Had I made bread before I attempted this? I can’t remember. I once made it in school, but I don’t think I’d attempted legit real, knead-it-and-leave-it-in-front-of-the-fireplace-to-rise bread.

I got this recipe from James Morton’s book, Brilliant Bread, but I haven managed to find the exact recipe featured here on the Sainsbury’s Magazine website.

bread 1

It says in the recipe that it will be “wetter than your average bread recipes”. My bread-baking naivety led me to a raised eyebrow. It was dryer than cake batter.

If you have an entire day to dedicate to baking the bread, then I highly recommend this recipe. I started it about 8am, and by the time I had done all of the rising, and bashing, and using the bread dough to relieve my tension, I pulled the finished loaf out of the oven at about 4.30pm. That is an entire work day for me! My fiance, who has more bread baking experience than me, laughed when I complained about it and said “Oh… Yeah…. You’re a slave to the bread now.”

I pulled it out of the oven about 3 minutes too soon. There was a line through the middle of the bread that was still a bit doughy – but I like my bread doughy so it wasn’t something that ruined my life.

It was delicious though! 4.5 Ugly Kitchens for you, James Morton!


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