2015: Week 5: Brilliant Brownies

These are the best brownies in the world.

I didn’t take very many pictures throughout the baking process, only when the brownies were cooked, and all ready to be demolished. Yum yum yum. The base recipe that I used was this one, from BBC Good Food. I recommend it, wholeheartedly.

Brownies 1

The alterations I made were:
I didn’t have any golden caster sugar – so I used half white caster sugar, half  soft brown sugar.
I put white chocolate and macadamia nuts in the mix, instead of white and milk chocolate.

Brownies 2

When I took them out, the top had a beautiful shine, and when I cut them up the insides were the squidgiest of any brownies I have ever tried, ever. I only made a small batch, so I cut them up into little brownie-bites, ate about 600 myself and took the rest to work. They went down so well that people were actually arguing over them!

I promised I’d make a fresh batch for the next day because I was on a sugar/compliment high. I made a batch that was twice the size of the first one, with just double the ingredients…. And it came out TERRIBLY. It was as dry as the Sahara. Not a squidgy middle in sight! I’m hoping the bad one was a fluke, and the good one will be how all other brownies I bake in the future will turn out.

If anyone has any ideas why this happened, I would LOVE to hear them!


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