2015: Week 2: Victoria Sandwich

I bought my fiance a Jamie Oliver mug featuring some quip about being tall dark and handsome like his coffee, and as he opened it a Victoria Sponge recipe from Jamie magazine fell out. A sign from the heavens, and I believe Victoria Sandwich to be the cake to end all cake.

Rather than typing the recipe and method out, I’ve managed to find it here, on the Jamie Magazine website.


I made a few adjustments. First, I didn’t bother reading the order in which to mix them, I just put all the ingredients in a bowl and mushed them together with a fork. I also misread the recipe and put in 2 tsp instead of 2 tbsp of rose water. Turned out to be a blessing though, because it was verging on overpowering with just that.


I made two because some people wanted fresh raspberries in them, some just wanted raspberry jam. I opted for vanilla pod extract instead of vanilla pods, and skipped the rosewater in the cream.

I’ve had nothing but good feedback (and it was surprisingly simple)! and I’m already wondering what to do next!

Top tip: do not sample the neat rose water. It is not. good.


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