2015: Week 1: The Great Shortbread Shortfall

When my friend Nia heard I was in the midst of a baking obsession, she urged me to make shortbread. “It’s so easy!” she said. “You’ll love it!” she said. Well, my friends. I managed to screw it up. I managed to screw up a recipe that calls for three ingredients. I mean, really.

I got the recipe from the old trusty BBC Food website. Sugar, butter, flour. Roll. Chill. Bake. Enjoy. I got to roll, and that’s where it all… Went wrong.


What went wrong was threefold: I accidentally liquidised the butter (no really, don’t ask) before adding it, rolled it out too thin, and neglected to chill it and just put it straight in the oven.


While baking they all kind of… Expanded into little puddles. The edges caught, but the middles still seemed squidgy.


They taste good. but they are slightly thin and overcooked. I have learned many things, and I will be giving them another go, later on in the year.


3 thoughts on “2015: Week 1: The Great Shortbread Shortfall

  1. Such a lovely idea to blog the progress of your new years resolution. I made shortbread in primary school and loved it but I’m not much of a baker at all. Like most though I don’t half love looking at and eating yummy food. It may have went a bit wrong but they still look delicious to me. Well done and good luck with more baking!
    Julz Obsessions xx


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